Wanderers of Luviyes

Session 1: Introductions

We meet out heroes and find a strange swordsman

The Thief Cyroiel Hamlock and the Fighter Gamil Zirak met the herbalist Jochol and his bodyguard Theodore. They were employed into his service and after a brief argument with a cleric named Devian, the caravan was attacked by two brigands. Gamil and Theodore killed one and Jochol showed off his great magical power by reducing the second to ashes.
During Devian’s preaching Theodore noticed a swordsman staring with discontent. Later that night the swordsman killed Devain, his daughter Jillian, and another cleric who was with them. After an extremely short battle the swordsman was wounded and taken by Gamil alive. Jochol and Thoedore interrogated the man with little verbal results. However they noticed a peculiar tattoo on the man’s arm. A black Claymore with a Skull on the blade’s tip….



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