An herbalist who is trained in magic.


Gender – Male
Race – Human
Class – Wizard
Age – 58

Lvl – 20
Str – 13 +1
Dex – 14 +2
Con – 17 +3
Int – 30 +10
Wis – 22 +6
Cha – 30 +10

Skills – Persuasion (Cha), Arcana (Int), Medicine (Wis)
Saving Throws – Int, Wis

Equipment –
Scortch Daggers (2) – 5d6 +Str Mod
Gem Staff – 5d8
2 Spell Books
Multi-colored Robe

Additional Gear -
Component Pouch
Explorer’s pack

Proficiencies -
Armor: None
Weapons: Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows
Tools: None


As the son of a forest dwelling hunter, he lived in a wood cabin. Jochol quickly learned all about nature and became fond of the tastes of herbs. He learned, which ones were safe and which mixed well with other components. He left around the age of fourteen with the escort of his father to go to a city to go shopping one day. They met a Wizard clad in red robes and had a sapphire on his staff. The Wizard named Morven was impressed by Jochol’s knowledge of components and decided to take him under his wing. Jochol trained for 17 years before he finally gained the basic magical knowledge. Jochol left Morven’s tutelage to pursue the magical spirit on his own. In that time he met a female Wizard named Syfa. Him and Syfa grew very close in a short time due to being shut away from society for so long. The two married and had four children. Their first two kids (whom were twins) become Wizards themselves, their only daughter became a Sorcerer, and the youngest died at a young age. To get money Syfa started teaching Wizardry to others and Jochol started traveling. He used his medical, magical, and herbal knowledge to craft potions and herbal items. He even took up crafting candy for fun. He met Theodore and hired him as a permanent body guard.


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