Welcome to the Wanderers of Luviyes!

Luviyes is a land shrouded in darkness. Abandoned by the many of the Gods, magic has slowly dissipated and is now a rare sight. Only a handful of Gods, faithful to this world, keep its magic alive.

You are a mercenary, hired by Jochol the Herbalist, a friendly middle-aged man who treats you well. You will be accompanied by a handful of other hired arms as you travel across Luviyes.


You come across a small caravan of merchants setting up their stalls. The group is no larger than six or seven canvas hooded wagons. The horses and oxen are being led away by two men while the rest of the people busy themselves up with bringing out colorful curtains to attract potential customers. One of the carriages is a comfortable distance away from the rest of the merchants. A sign hangs off the back of the loaded wagon.

It reads: “Jochol’s Herbal Necessities and Rarities

A chill goes down your spine. A pair of amber eyes glare at you from the shadow of a dark gray cowl. Pale antlers erupt from cuts in the fabric. The hooded figure is leaning back on the wagon, arms crossed. Their hands are protected by a respectable set of gauntlets. You really don’t want to become the next dent.

Turning away from the shady person, you see a human, probably in his mid-fifties assembling a wooden stand. His long hair is tied up in a bun and a pointed beard decorates his face. His frame is adorned with multicolored robes and scarves. There’s an odd smell coming from his stand, but you give it no mind. He is a sort of apothecary after all. Only the Gods know what they smoke in their free time.

You feel the sudden urge to pay him a visit…

Wanderers of Luviyes

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