Gamil Zirak

Man with a fox lineage that dates back to Samurai Jacqué himself


Stuff and things IDK

Race – Human
Class – Fighter

Lvl – 1
HP – 12
Str – 17 +3
Dex – 17 +3
Con – 15 +2
Int – 12 +1
Wis – 15 +2
Cha -15 +2
EXP – 42

Saving Throws – Str, Con

Skills – Animal Handling, Acrobatics, Survival

Weapons -
Longbow (20 Arrows) – 1d8
Katana – 1d8
Bastard Sword – 1d10
Handaxe (2) – 1d6

Armor –
Leather Armor

Kit –

Fighting Style – Two Weapon Fighting


Gamil is member of the fox clan which dates back 3 centuries to their ancestor names Jacqué. Jacqué was 25% man but 75% fox because of a freak experiment done by Full M. the alchemist. From the day Gamil was able to walk he was tought in the style Jacqué created for his people. From axe and sword weilding to animal training and parkour, Gamil learned it all. He is here because the final step in his training is to go on an adventure honing all of his skills in the process like Jacqué did.

Gamil Zirak

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